Concert Season

All three bands have started preparation for our upcoming Winter Concert on Monday, December 13.

Both Symphonic and Concert Band will require some after school rehearsals to be prepared in time. With so few Concert Band students in the Bday class and no percussion in the Symphonic Band class in the fall semester, the only way we can present a solid concert is to
rehearse some after school.

After School Winter Concert Rehearsal Schedule

Symphonic Band:
• Thu, 11/11
• Mon, 11/15
• Wed, 11/17
• Tue, 11/30
• Thu, 12/2
• Wed, 12/8

All rehearsals are 4:20-5:40 pm
Concert Band:
• Wed, 11/10
• Tue, 11/16
• Thu, 11/18
• Mon, 11/29
• Fri, 12/3
• Tue, 12/7

In addition, all 3 bands will start morning sectionals next week (schedule soon to be published).