2024-25 Band Calendar is LIVE

The 2024-25 Band Calendar is now LIVE and posted to our Google Calendar on our website. Please go to the website and add the RHB Google Calendar to your device.

Add to your Google calendar:

  1. Click on the “+Google Calendar” button on the lower right side of the calendar.
  2. The “Rock Hill HS Band (website)” calendar should be displayed under the “Other calendars” category.
  3. Make sure there is a check mark next to the “Rock Hill HS Band (website)”.

Things we’ve included upfront this year:

  • SLT & Booster Club Meetings
  • December Before & After school Rehearsals to combined with percussion
  • May AP Testing rehearsal.

Some things that will look different this fall semester:

  • Due to Stadium conflicts, we have a few Stadium rehearsals on Mondays and other days of the week rather than Tuesdays. Check each week carefully before assuming. Almost every week once school starts, it looks different.
  • During Mr. Rosales’s weeks, Winds will meet on Mondays instead of Thursdays
  • We have 4 Thursday games this year so check out how each of those weeks is modified…this includes combining some morning sectionals.
  • Perc Sectionals will be Mondays & Wednesdays (not Mon/Tue).
  • Remember that the UIL 8-hour rule goes into full effect after Labor Day…so prior to that we have some extra rehearsals on Friday & Saturday to learn as much of the shoe as possible.

Things not included yet:

  • Spring Sectionals & Ensemble rehearsals
  • Tentative Dates (listed at the bottom)