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2024 Senior Spotlight

Kayla Abraham

Marching Instrument: Alto Sax
Concert Instrument: Alto Sax

Kayla has been playing saxophone since the 4th grade.

She has formed close friendships with her band mates which has been the driving force for her passion for playing the saxophone.

This year Kayla has decided to step out of the shadows and take on a leadership role as Section Leader to assist new band members and staff. Her passion to help others is undeniably one of her greatest strengths. She has been a voice, sounding board and advisor to many of her friends in band, which is in line with her interest in pursuing a degree in the field of psychology.

Her hobbies include photography, reading, painting and listening to music.

Alexander Anderson

Marching Instrument: Snare
Concert Instrument: Percussion

Alex started Band in 6th grade as a percussionist and made the all region band twice as a middle schooler.

He has spent one year on the leadership team as an officer his senior year.

He is a member of the Young Men’s Service League and National Honors Society.

He plans to study aerospace engineering at the University of Alabama and receive a MBA.

Noah Albers

Marching Instrument: Trombone
Concert Instrument: Trombone

Noah started playing trombone in 6th grade at Reynolds Middle School, went to Rogers for the majority of 6th and 7th, and went to Hays for his 8th-grade year.

He has an interest in going to UNT and majoring in Music Performance.

Band has allowed for more opportunities to connect with those around him.

Noah likes to play games and listen to music in his free time.

Diego Bermudez

Marching Instrument: Trombone
Concert Instrument: Trombone

Diego started music early with private lessons for guitar at 5 years old, only stopping until his sophomore year to pursue learning trombone for band.

Diego made All-Region Jazz his freshman, sophomore, and junior year on guitar and has had many guitar performances outside of school that helped him grow as a musician.

This is his first year on the Rock Hill Band Leadership team. He is serving as Officer, Equipment Crew Lead, and is the trombone Section Leader. Band has enabled Diego to find a community of friends who also have a strong passion for music, through band he has learned to be a leader and a better person.

Diego enjoys playing guitar, chess, practicing trombone, and loves listening to classical music. He plans on pursuing a degree in Music Performance at the University of North Texas.

Luca Colaruotolo

Marching Instrument: Percussion
Concert Instrument: Percussion (Snare)

Luca started learning how to play all the percussion instruments when he was in 6th grade, with Mr. Shane Snyder.

He received outstanding percussionist 2 out of his 3 middle school years, while also making all region top band both years as well.

In high school, he’s been a member of the snareline for 4 years in a row and he has received countless solo awards over the years. The most meaningful award he received is his first place snare solo at PASIC, his junior year.

He enjoys playing all percussion instruments including drums, piano, marimba, and he plays guitar as well.

Isaac Cooper

Marching Instrument: Trumpet
Concert Instrument: Trumpet

Isaac started playing the Trumpet in 6th grade at Rogers middle school with Mrs.Ferris (Reeves) along with Joshua Ferman.

He will be pursuing Paleontology at Texas Tech University.

He is a part of the National Honor Society at Rock Hill.

Isaac is a squad leader for the trumpet section, pursuing leadership in the beginning of his junior year.

Band has given Isaac lifetime long friends and memories as he grows his leadership skills and his ability to be the best version of himself.

Isaac likes to draw, hike, fish, hangout with friends and travel to new places with family.

Ethan Cuevas

Marching Instrument: Clarinet
Concert Instrument: Bass Clarinet

Ethan started playing the clarinet in 6th grade at Rogers Middle School.

He was in the Wind Symphony All-Region Band 2022-23. This is his first year as the Section Leader for the Clarinets.

Ethan has met some of his best friends through the band. They are a great group of kids!

Ethan is a member of the National Honor Society. He is on the Varsity Golf Team and part of the Student Athletic Leadership Team. He earned his Eagle Scout Rank in 2021 at the age of 15 years old!

Ethan plays the drums and video games for fun! Ethan is on the Kids Ministry event staff at our church, Hope Fellowship.

Finley Culver

Marching Instrument: Drum Major
Concert Instrument: French Horn

Finley started band at Rogers in sixth grade on French Horn where she made the top ensemble the next two years at Rogers (with Mr. Holt) and at Hays (with Mr. Aune). She also was a member of the Hays Jazz Band on Trumpet.

She has been a member of the Rock Hill Leadership Team for the past three years where she started as a Section Leader, then an Officer along with being the Head Librarian, and currently a Drum Major.

While competing in High School level All-Region, she has made the Freshmen Band and, her Junior year, made the Symphonic Band.

She is Vice President of both Tri-M (a music leadership honor society) and Ready, Set, Teach (a teaching internship program).

Finley is hoping to attend OSU to double major in Music Performance and Education.

Green Everitt

Marching Instrument: Color Guard

Greenlee joined color guard her freshman year. She’s been studying law enforcement since freshman year and plans to venture into the CSI (crime scene investigations) field of criminal justice.

She has been studying American Sign Language since freshman year and plans to continue her studies into the future.

She wants to become fluent so she can build a bridge of communication between the hearing and deaf members of society.

Benjamin Freeman

Marching Instrument: Trumpet
Concert Instrument: Trumpet

Ben began playing trumpet in 6th grade at Reynolds Middle School with Mr. Beck and Mrs. Parr. He credits his lesson teacher, Vernon Richter, for helping him develop as a player and musician.

Ben made the All-Region Bands in 8th and 9th grade. As a junior, he made the All-Region Band and Orchestra and advanced to the Area and State Bands. He is grateful to have had these amazing experiences which exposed him to many talented student musicians, clinicians and directors.

Outside of band, you can find Ben experimenting with mechanical and electrical engineering, playing sports with friends and 3D printing. After high school, Ben plans to attend college (TBD) and major in trumpet performance.

This is his third year on the student leadership team, and has been a section leader the past two. He was inducted as a member of the National Honor Society last year.

Madison Kang

Marching Instrument: Drum Major
Concert Instrument: French Horn

Madi began playing flute at Reynolds Middle School with Ms. Hoffman, and transferred 8th grade into Mr. Ferman’s Symphonic Winds at Rogers Middle School.

She wanted to play the flute ever since she was a toddler who loved watching Little Einsteins.

Madi advanced to Semi-Finals of the Solo Concerto Competition her junior year, and made the All-Region Symphonic Band as first chair piccolo.

In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, spending time with her cat, Ollie, grabbing coffee, and shopping with friends. (Summer Moon is her favorite coffee place!)

Yuhan Liu

Marching Instrument: Flute
Concert Instrument: Flute

Yuhan started playing flute at Hays Middle School.

She competed in VASE every year and received metals and certificates for them.

Band helped her meet new people, learn new skills and become a better person.

Recently in her Junior year got the role of vice president in Igniter YSL, a NGO program.

Yuhan plans to attend college and become a therapist.

Yezra Luke

Marching Instrument: Baritone
Concert Instrument: Euphorium

Yezra started her love for band in 6th grade playing the euphonium at Wester Middle School with Mrs. Black and Mr. Smith. Since then I have watched her grow and have a true passion for band.

She gets excited about being part of a team and a group that performs together, works hard and celebrates together.

She enjoys listening to music and true crime podcasts in her free time.

Band has given Yezra a place to belong and a sense of family with all the wonderful relationships she has created in her time at Rockhill.

She has learned to love and appreciate the spirit of competition.

Diego Morales

Marching Instrument: Trumpet
Concert Instrument: Trumpet

Diego started playing trumpet at Rogers middle school with Mrs. Ferris.

Diego has enrolled in different AP and dual credit classes.

He received multiple division 1 ratings in the solo and ensemble contest and had also received outstanding soloist and ensemble. Diego was also selected for the all region band his junior year.

Diego is in his first year of doing SLT and is a squad leader for the trumpet section.

He plans to attend Texas Tech or University of North Texas to study mathematics.

Being in the Rock Hill Band allowed Diego to grow as an individual and to make great friends and lasting memories. He enjoys playing soccer, video games, and listening to music.

Zander Ousley

Marching Instrument: Trumpet
Concert Instrument: Trumpet

Zander started playing trumpet at Rogers Middle School with Ms. Reeves (now Mrs. Ferris). This is his third year on the RHB SLT moving from squad leader to section leader then finally to officer/section leader.

His future plans are to hopefully march with the BlueCoats and also go to Texas Tech to receive a degree in music performance with the possibility of getting his doctorate of music arts as well.

Nayeli Palomeque

Marching Instrument: Guard
Concert Instrument: Guard

Nayeli has been in colorguard and winterguard for the past two years. This is her first colorguard season being on all types of equipment.

Nayeli plans to major in early childhood education at TWU and plans on getting a minor in psychology. This has been her lifelong dream, to help others in any way, big or small.

Being in the band has helped Nayeli become great at time management and being responsible, she has also learned to take critique with open arms.

Nayeli is a great person to count on, she will always be there for anyone. She has a great sense of empathy and will always listen to you and try her best to help.

Jackson Panebianco

Marching Instrument: Trumpet
Concert Instrument: Trumpet

Jackson started playing the trumpet at Rogers Middle School with Ms. Reeves.

This is his second year serving as ALT for the Rock Hill Band. Jackson has loved marching competitions and playing music and performing with his friends.

Future plans include studying Environmental Science with the goal of learning environmentally friendly ways of growing crops.

Jackson likes playing video games with friends, playing with his dog, Tug, and traveling to see the family, and visiting with his brother, who’s in the Navy.

Jake Park

Marching Instrument: Clarinet
Concert Instrument: Clarinet

Jake started band in 7th grade under Mr. Straka at Schim Middle School in Plano. His first marching season at Rock Hill was in 10th grade.

Jake is a National Merit Commended Scholar, two time AP Scholar with distinction, and a State UIL Academics silver medalist. Outside of band, he is the president of the French Club and Rho Kappa, and competes in MMA.

After high school, he plans to study linguistics at Cornell University, where he received a full-ride scholarship. There, he hopes to join the small Cornell Marching Band, the only corps-style marching band in the Ivy League.

Jake will train with the Air Force ROTC while in college, so that he can be commissioned as an Air Force officer and serve as a military linguist. In his free time, he likes to watch and play soccer, and watching TV with his sister.

Debanshi Pattanaik

Marching Instrument: French Horn
Concert Instrument: Mellophone

Debanshi began playing french horn at Rogers Middle School in seventh grade with Mrs. Ferris. That year she earned the Outstanding French Horn award for beginner band, and moved up to the Hays top band in eighth grade.

This is her fourth year in Wind Symphony at Rock Hill. This year is her third year in the Rock Hill Band Student Leadership Team, having been the mellophone/french horn squad leader for two years and now being a section leader. Debanshi is also an officer in the band, social team lead, and the brass captain.

Band led her to find a group of people that she could connect with on a deeper level and find people who have the same drive and dedication to what they do. Band has also allowed her to meet a diverse group of people and grow as a person with them.

Debanshi is also highly involved in Academic UIL and participates in Spelling UIL, Social Studies UIL, and Literary Criticism UIL. She is in the National Honor Society, French Honor Society, and the Tri-M Music Honor Society.

In her free time, Debanshi likes to read, play her instruments, and hang out with her friends.

Bowie Savoie

Marching Instrument: Color Guard
Concert Instrument: Color Guard

Joined Color Guard freshman year with Mr. Arvin. Has been on guard leadership team since sophomore year.

Bowie is also on choir leadership team and serves as President of ASL Honor Society.

Bowie likes to draw, sing, and play guitar in my free time. She is in Blue Note, which is one of her favorite parts of school.

Bowie was recently selected to the TMEA All-State Choir!!!

Yousef Shiblaq

Marching Instrument: Baritone
Concert Instrument: Euphonium

Yousef started his band journey learning the euphonium at Rogers Middle School.

In the beginning of his junior year, he earned his black belt after practicing Taekwondo for six years.

Yousef’s second passion after band would be spending his time working with students as tutor at Mathnasium.

After high school Yousef wishes to become an engineer whilst still playing the euphonium.

Band has allowed him to make many new friend and create memories that will remind him how much fun he had during high school. Yousef likes to spend his free time with his family and hanging out with friends.

Ethan Sock

Marching Instrument: Trumpet
Concert Instrument: Trumpet

Ethan started playing Trumpet with Mrs. Ferris at Rogers Middle School. 

He was recognized as an outstanding soloist last year.

Ethan plans on doing a double major in music performance and IT.



Manvi Srivastava

Marching Instrument: Drum Major
Concert Instrument: Clarinet

Manvi started playing clarinet in her 6th grade year at Reynolds Middle School with Mrs. Parr, then she went to Hays and played clarinet with Mr Aune.

She is involved in her school’s hope squad since freshmen year, and joined the Hope Squad National Council her junior year; and now she is the Co-President of the national council. She is the vice president of the Psychology Honor Society and hosted panels with post-veterans about mental health. She is also the treasurer of the United Cultural society, and was part of the Superintendent Advisory Council her junior year.

Manvi has marched Rach it Man and Dreams of Icarus, then became drum major for Mad and Shout from the Rooftop.

Band has helped Manvi grow as a person and has helped her step out of her comfort zone.

Jacob Turner

Marching Instrument: Clarinet
Concert Instrument: Bass Clarinet

Jacob started playing clarinet at Rogers Middle School with Mr. Holt.

In his junior year, Jacob was a part of the All Region Bands.

Outside of Band, Jacob is a part of Rock Hill Media and has won awards from his publications.

After graduating from High School, Jacob is going to attend College to study Music Education.

He is a part of the RHB Student Leadership Team as a Squad Leader. He is also apart of the Tri M Music Honor Society and National Honor Society.

Milan Williams

Marching Instrument: Trombone
Concert Instrument: Trombone

Milan started playing Trombone at Rogers middle school in the 6th and 7th grade and then attended Hays middle school her 8th grade year where she then made the all region band and all region jazz band.

She plans on attending college (undecided where) to pursue a double major in music performance and biology to eventually apply to medical school eventually become either a dermatologist or allergist to study more about why and how the body responds to foreign substances.

Her favorite aspect of band is concert season and having the opportunity to playing challenging pieces of music and performing at the yearly concerts.

She has also been a proud member of Rock Hill’s Black Student Union (BSU) for 3 years where she has had the opportunity to plan events for Black History month and attend voter registration drives.

She has also donated blood and plans to do so again in the spring time to help save lives of those in need a blood transfusions.

In her free time, she enjoys playing video games like Animal Crossing, Assassins Creed Odyssey, Mortal Kombat, and Diablo 3. She also likes to travel and try different foods with her family.

Yui Suzuki

Marching Instrument: Marimba
Concert Instrument: Percussion / Piano

Yui is our first ever foreign exchange student. Since arriving in August, she has thrived as a member of the RHB. Since she won’t be here next year, we thought we’d recognize her contribution this week!

Yui started to play percussion instruments in 2022 at Nihon University Tsurugaoka high school with Mr. Matsuda. The band is a concert band but they march on parade sometimes she played bass drum during marching season. “In my Band in Japan, there are 50 people so I was surprised when I joined the rock hill band because there are so many people in here.”

Yui had also played the piano for 4 years and was in a choir when in middle school. “I really enjoy music most of my life. I’m interested in acoustics so I’m looking for a good college to learn about it.”

Yui has been a huge part of our percussion section this year and we will miss her when she returns to Japan for her senior year.